AHA! Elizabeth Ann, the Gatekeeper!

Hello lovelies. What a weird, nutty day. Ugh. Elizabeth Ann has been on a cleaning frenzy for 3 days, crashing in after a really rough split. Well, the echo below had us stumped for about a week. moved us to both good tears and bad.

This echo is all about how Elizabeth gatekeeps, as the primary protector, all of us from others and vice versa. ¬†Even more interestingly, Elizabeth seems to be gatekeeping Katy, specifically in this echo. Other’s close to us have described her “vicious” when she is upset and dominant. Problem is, Elizabeth Ann is misunderstood as are the rest of us.

She’s viciously protective, not vicious. Quite the opposite actually and if you find a way to get on her good side, you will have her as a friend for life.ElizGatekeeping

Elizabeth Ann’s major persona fragment began with Rose, from Titanic. This is an indicator that Elizabeth Ann witnessed our drowning, as well and was being a survivor of it. Classed as a protector, Elizabeth Ann’s sole job is to protect us from others and to share her own story of her trauma, as well.

We cannot of course, speak for others living with DiD but for us, witnessing and being part of these internal conflicts and politics, is stunning. We hope, soon, to share with the world all of our biographies in one place.

Continue being lovely!