So we just get out of the emergency room…

Hello lovelies. We would tell you we were joking but we aren’t! Turns out we tore a massive ligament in our foot. To make a silly story shorter, we actually felt what was a bug under our skin, moving down the side of our ankle and heel a few days ago. It really hurt like hell. Tonight, the ER doctor told us that sensation was the ligament in our foot tearing in real time. Ohhhh, DAMN, that’s what that was!

The tear happened 2 days ago in the middle of the night. We figured it was some twisted form of human botfly (LOL) – Just walk it off, right? It actually felt as though a bug was in our lower ankle moving it’s way down to the base our heel – right under that 1st layer of skin. That was the ligament tearing! It started getting harder and harder to put weight on it. Tonight we looked down and boom our left foot was crazy swollen. Off to the ER we go!

Of course, we told the nurse that we got in a fight with a bear – We won, of course. Boy, oh boy. We aren’t allowed to walk on it for a few days. We aren’t posting pictures of our nasty, swollen foot either, so don’t ask, sickos.

Good morning, lovelies!