Fused Echo. Recovery Milestone!

Hello Lovelies. Kayleigh has come in and been quite dominant. Well, as luck would have it, her screaming and yelling provided us much insight into who she is and WHY she is so furious. For the first time in sober, self recovery, we have finally fused our collective experience of this dominant split and have visualized it from all of our known perspectives.

We have, been, unbeknowgst to us, been doing exactly this, our entire lives to anyone who would listen. Because we didn’t understand we were echoing our experiences, albeit jumbled and convoluted, it went unnoticed, undiagnosed and an untreated, for decades.

We are very proud today. It’s taken a long time to get to this point but here we are, hobbling along trying to speak to all of you, lovely readers, as one. Thank you all for sharing your time with us, too – This post is for you.