The science of drowning(s).

Hello lovely readers! When the movie “The Perfect Storm” started becoming a real problem for us, we sank into a very dark place. We didn’t understand, at the time, what this movie actually meant. Our drowning(s).

KayleighmissKaty describing the monster that hunted her down and drowned her to Mike/Mark/Matt. Notice, again, Katy is soaking wet. Katy holds our collective trauma and remembers her/our drowning.

We sank deeper and deeper into the pit of becoming fishermen, we began to study the story of the Andrea Gail, potential employment on a ship, wave mechanics, weather systems, long line ships, ship navigation, ship designs and of course, drownings. We didn’t know, however that we were becoming the main characters of this movie trying to express our deaths that night.Read More »

Land of the free: Put those arrows away!

Hello lovelies. You’re almost through the week! Two more days!!! You can do it!!! 😀 We are happy you swung by to check our our blog when you could be elsewhere. Thank you from all of us. We wrecked our nails, too. Damnit!

Holy Crapy. Katy  and others finally unloaded some sadness, fury and anger. Everyone is much calmer. They were grievously harmed for no particular reason and needed tackle how they felt – They remained in control of themselves and I am VERY proud of all them. Now we are all just completely spent and have probably split again (Stress can bring on a split). We were so wired up we couldn’t sleep, long past our bedtime.

Long before I knew we were a crew, not one dude, Katy and the rest acted with absolute careless abandon, historically.   Now that we are beginning the process of fusing and working together – things seem a bit more balanced, in every day life as well as all things we partake in.Read More »